Step Up Instruments
Step Up Instruments
As students move into the Symphonic Winds or prepare to move into the high school band program, many of them are ready for a "step up" instrument.
The instruments they have as beginning band students are just that - beginning instruments and they are made with the beginning student in mind.  Step up instruments are made of higher quality materials, sometimes have extra features and will sound and play noticiably better.
For a student who is serious and plans to participate in band for the long term, a step up instrument can be a great choice.
Here are some recomendations so you can do some research, however, please contact the Smith Band Directors before you purchase anything, and let us help you.  We have experience in this kind of thing!
You can buy a new instrument or a quality used instrument from one of the reputable music stores listed on our Music Companies page.
Recommended Step Up Instruments
There are many flute choices.  Please contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who will help you find that one special flute that fits you just right!
Buffet R-13 is the industry standard
Alto Saxophone
Yanigisawa A-991
Yamaha YAS-82Z II
Yamaha YTR 8335 RS Xeno
Bach Stradivarius
Yamaha YSL-882
Bach 40 B
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