Private Lessons
Private Lessons
Private Lessons are a great opportunity we have in Cy-Fair ISD.  To become the best player you can be, first you have to spend time, by yourself, practicing.  However, with private instruction from an instrument specialist, your practice time will become more efficient and more effective.  Having the one on one time will give you extra input and information about playing that you just can’t get from large class instruction.  Private Lessons are great for the student who is already working hard and wants to excel even more.
Private lessons are strongly recommend by the band directors.  The lessons will benefit the individual student as a player, as well as the entire band program.  As the Smith Middle School Band program develops more and more great players, all of our bands will improve.  That happens one student at a time, becoming the best player that they can be. When our bands are better, everyone benefits because we are able to play more fun and challenging music that kids and parents love.
Private Lessons are held once each week and last for 30 minutes.  Times are can be as early as 3:30 and go as late as 7:30.  They will be held either at the Smith Band Hall or across the street at the Cypress Ranch Band Hall, as the two programs sometimes share teachers.  The day and location that you take lessons will be determined by your teacher, as the teachers usually only come out once each week.
In Cy-Fair ISD, the Private Lesson Program is run by the district.  All private teachers are district employees.  The teachers will have an attendance sheet that students will sign each time they take a lesson.  The district will bill the parents once each month for however many lessons the student took, and the district will pay the teacher.
The lessons cost either $22.00 (for a more experienced teacher) or $20.50 (for a less experienced, but qualified teacher) per lesson.  Parents cannot choose the level of teacher, as the school cannot provide 2 levels of teachers for every instrument.  Parents will need to fill out a private lesson registration form and include a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25. The enrollment form is and the general policies are available to download at the top of this page.
You must be enrolled in the CFISD private lesson program before you contact a teacher to set up a lesson time.
Our normal process is for students to turn in the enrollment form, then we pass your contact information to the private teacher, and they contact you.
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