CHARMS Information
CHARMS is our band program data management system.
This is how we send out all information about the band program.  There is also a calendar you can view and even sync with your phone.  The directors also use it to track instrument inventory, our music library and keep track of forms and payments that are turned in.
To login, visit, click the login button at the top right and choose the parents/students/members option.
School Code is: SmithMiddleBand
Student Area Password:  Your six digit CFISD number - then create your own.
After you login, please enter your demographic information, especially your current emails.  Make sure to add any adult that should be receiving emails.   It is good to have student emails and phone numbers for texts as well.  You can also enter your child's instrument serial number - just in case anything were to ever happen, we would be able to identify the instrument.
If you have trouble logging in, the directors can reset your password - just send us an email.  It won't be instant, but as soon as we check our email, we will reset it as soon as we can.
If you want to sync your phone, after you enter the school code, you will have access to the calendar (even without logging in to your personal account).  There is a small button at the top that says "sync calendar" with instructions for all different types of operating systems.
There is also a CHARMS app for students called "CHARMS Blue".  It can be found in your app store.
The Smith Middle School Band is a
fun, challenging and positive experience
in which students develop mental, physical,
social and musical skills that can last a lifetime